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ON adds to SiC MOSFETs

ON Semiconductor has introduced two SiC MOSFETs aimed at EVs, solar and UPS applications.

The industrial grade NTHL080N120SC1 and AEC-Q101 automotive grade NVHL080N120SC1 are complemented by  SiC diodes and SiC drivers, device simulation tools, SPICE models and application information.

ON’s 1200 volt (V), 80 milliohm (mΩ), SiC MOSFETs hace a low leakage current, a fast intrinsic diode with low reverse recovery charge, which gives steep power loss reduction and supports higher frequency operation and greater power density, and low Eon and Eoff / fast turn ON and OFF combined with low forward voltage to reduce total power losses and therefore cooling requirements.

Low device capacitance supports the ability to switch at very high frequencies which reduces troublesome EMI issues; meanwhile, higher surge, avalanche capability, and robustness against short-circuits enhances overall ruggedness, gives improved reliability and longer overall life expectancy.

A further benefit of  theSiC MOSFET devices is a  termination structure that adds to reliability and ruggedness and enhances operational stability.

The NVHL080N120SC1 has been designed to withstand high surge currents and offers high avalanche capability and robustness against short circuits.

The AEC-Q101 qualification of the MOSFET plus other SiC devices offered, ensures they can be fully utilised in the growing number of in-vehicle applications emerging as a result of increasing electronic content and electrification of powertrains.

A maximum operating temperature of 175°C enhances suitability for use in automotive designs as well as other target applications where high density and space constraints are pushing up typical ambient temperatures.